How to Backup WhatsApp Chat Conversations as a Text File on an Android Smartphone


Whats App has become an integral part of our lives. We exchange conversations, share those funny images, and GIF to stay in touch with the ones we love. And for obvious reason one would need a backup of their Whats app of their chat history for you never know when you would need it.

To save Whats app conversation as text file, Whats app provides a neat feature that allows you to export the chat backup as an attachment and sent it through email. While it is great for people who wants to keep the conversation as a backup for Keeping a record of the chat history, it can also be used to share it with your friends if the chat history is a group chat.

Whats app currently allows its users to backup their data in two ways. first method is to upload your data to Google Drive or i cloud and the another way is to save the chat history as a text file. we’ve already covered the first method earlier.

Step 1 : Open the conversation you intend to save

Firstly, to back up the chat history as a text file, You’ll have to open the conversation you intend to backup.


Step 2 : Click on the three dotted icon


Then, click on the three dotted icons located towards the top right corner of the screen.

Step 3: Click on more


From the drop-down menu, click on the option and then click on “Email” chat option.

Step 4 : Select Attach Media if you want to backup along with the media


Now, a pop-up will show up on the screen asking you to select one of the two options- “without Media” and “Attach Media”. Select whatever the option your prefer.

Step 5 : Send the chat to your Google account

Then, all you have to do is to send the chat backup to your Google account or whatever email service you use. Later, whenever you intend to see the conversation, just download the attachment from the email


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